Getting Kids Ready for a Summer Beach Vacation

Many an American family prefer heading to the beach on a warm, sunny day, more than doing anything else. When your tots are coming along, it is imperative to go an extra mile to ensure the trip pans out well. That means you’ve to pack conscientiously and plan adequately for the D-day. Here are the essential things you should pack in preparation for the beach vacation with the kids:


When venturing out to a summer beach vacation with the kids, it is important to pack clothing that will be appropriate for the occasion. For example, you should pack water shoes or flip flops, sandals, sun hats, swim suits or trunks, and beach cover ups. For the swimwear, get ones that come with UV protection as they are the most ideal for toddlers and infants. A sarong would be a splendid idea as it can also act as a shawl, top sheet, beach towel, dress, skirt, and tablecloth.

It is crucial for everyone to have a pair of clothes for each day of the vacation and extra pairs un case of an emergency. Pack long pants and a jacket for everyone as they’ll be ideal for breezy walks along the beach during the night.

It is unfortunate that shoes are in most cases heavy and bulky. Therefore, limit yourself to three pairs of shoes. The shoes that you carry ought to be comfortable for walking for long distances.

Lastly, do not forget to carry underwear and pajamas. Youngsters may need extra pairs of underwear- therefore, carry enough for the entire vacation.



There are some essential toiletries you ought to bring along to a beach vacation with the family. At its most basic level, the list should include a toothpaste, toothbrush, conditioner, shampoo, shaving cream, body wash, makeup, razor, hairspray, sunscreen, hairbrush, deodorant, as well as anything else that you and your family may need during the vacation.

Baby Powder

baby powder

Sand is everywhere on a beach. Kids are always on the sand, and, in most cases, the sand will get stuck on the skin. Rubbing baby powder on the areas of the skin where sand is stuck will help to remove it. Therefore, pack travel-sized versions of the baby powder for such an eventuality.

Beach Tent and a Sunshade

beach tent

The commonest hazard of going to a beach vacation, apart from sandy toes, is getting a sunburn. A sunburn increases your risks of getting skin cancer. Therefore, it is crucial to avoid the sun from 10 am to 4 pm when the sun is swelteringly hot. You may carry enough sunscreen, but you’ll still need a beach tent or sunshade for the kids when the sun is at its zenith. We recommend checking out SavantMag’s best beach tents list.

The sunshade is essential, especially in case the children won’t play happily under a tent. A sunshade will be an alternative shelter for the child when he needs to have a snack, get changed, and take some little rest.



You and your family ought to stay hydrated at the beach. Therefore, bring along gallons of water. In case you do not have a cooler or you do not intend to bring one, store some water bottles in the fridge for a little while. This will ensure the water stays nice and cool the entire time you will be at the beach.



Your kids may not ordinarily love snacks, but you might be surprised when the kids voraciously devour those munchies on the beach. Usually, for some reason, everything usually tastes delicious at the shore. Therefore, pack enough snacks for the day.

Beach Chair

When planning a summer beach vacation with the family, ensure you bring along durable beach chairs. Go for high-quality beach chairs that are lightweight, weather-resistant, and that come with a shoulder strap, making it convenient to transport from your car to the beach. Plus, go for beach chairs that offer a variety of recline positions for ultimate fun for you and your kids.

Swim Goggles

swim goggles

As regards eyewear, don’t forget to pack swimming goggles for yourself and your children. Get a few new pairs for your kids- goggles they’ll love to wear. The goggles should have bright colors and feature their favorite characters. Disney and Marvel swim goggles feature a see-through scrim that permits kids to see out while every other person sees the kid’s favorite character.

Identification and Money

Carry all the required identification documents and money for the family summer beach vacation. Your driver’s license will be sufficient most of the time.

Miscellaneous Stuff

Other things to bring along include prescription medicine and emergency items such as antibacterial ointment, sterile bandages, and gauze.